La disminución o la contaminación de las reservas de agua subterránea se convertirán en un problema de nuestra generación. En América Central y Sudamérica han surgido varios proyectos de acción colectiva para abordar este desafío. Desplácese hacia abajo para obtener más información sobre cómo The Nature Conservancy está ayudando a abordar este desafío.

Challenges with both the quantity and quality of available groundwater reserves is rapidly becoming a generational challenge. In both Central and South America, a variety of collective action projects have emerged to address this challenge.

To support such projects The Nature Conservancy launched a prize competition towards…

Join a global, multi-disciplinary network of water funds practitioners and other professionals interested in source water protection.

Some background info on the Network and its manager, Emily Simmons.

About the Water Funds Network (WFN)

Originally founded by The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in 2014, the WFN is now an ever-growing community of experts who work to advance source water protection around the world, as well as other individuals interested in learning about the strategy, process, and benefits of protecting and restoring watersheds.

The goal is to build a global network of water fund practitioners and other interested professionals who are empowered to succeed in their roles through…

This short document outlines why water security is a key challenge facing large corporate water users in the coming decades, how it will affect their business and ways that they can proactively engage in order to reduce risks.

The relevance of water security to the business sector

Each year the World Economic Forum releases a Global Risks Report, based on an exhaustive survey of over 1000 business leaders worldwide. For the third year in a row, environmental threats continue to dominate the risk landscape. In the 2020 report, the failure of climate-change mitigation and adaptation, extreme weather events and natural disasters were the top three risks identified. On top…

This short article reviews the success of the Quito Water Fund, now celebrating 20 years. FONAG, as the Water Fund is called, has a close relationship with the municipal water supply agency and has leveraged this, together with other partners, to build up an impressive endowment of over $18 million USD.

FONAG — the first official ‘Water Fund’ — Quito, Ecuador

A good example of a functioning water fund is one of the oldest, namely that of Quito’s Water Protection Fund — FONAG (Fondo para la protección del Agua). FONAG, created in 2000, came during an era when the link between nature conservation and water availability was less obvious than…

The move to virtual has accelerated rapidly with Covid19, but long before this some teams and organisations were doing things virtually — and finding not only disadvantages, but also some benefits.

Here a few tips on hosting virtual meetings — and sharing knowledge, building relationships in the process.

These are gleaned from recent experience at The Nature Conservancy, which has over 4000 staff across many countries — as well as from experts sharing their insights on platforms such as the Harvard Business Review.

Some tips from recent events and ‘best practice’

Get the video here (suggest you watched it speeded up!):

Other Resources

Three links to one pagers that…

This short note outlines the rationale for some work underway at The Nature Conservancy in 2020 and keeps a small focus group up to date on recent developments.

One minute background explanation video — you can watch it on fast forward!

TNC’s partners have different starting points and different objectives regarding water security

A strategy meeting in September 2019 brought together a dozen people to discuss TNC’s efforts to date to engage partners on Water Funds and issues of water security more broadly. This comprised members of global teams as well as representation from Africa and Latin America.

For the full report from this meeting, click here

One of the key insights shared at the meeting was that the TNC staff…

The deadline for applying for the full 100% discount has now passed.

A new opportunity has arisen however, so that you can apply for a significant discount on an upcoming online course that tackles nature-based solutions from a water perspective.

The interactive course covers, amongst other issues, the benefits of nature-based solutions, global best-practice, key limitations and financial and governance mechanisms to scale and sustain them.

The deadline for applying for the part scholarship is Sunday 31st January 2021

Why apply?

The course is a great opportunity to a) learn more about the application of nature-based solutions in the water sector, b)…

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The Nature Conservancy is one of the world's largest conservation organisations. Water security is amongst our top priorites-follow this account to know more.

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