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4 min readJun 24, 2020

Join a global, multi-disciplinary network of water funds practitioners and other professionals interested in source water protection.

Some background info on the Network and its manager, Emily Simmons.

About the Water Funds Network (WFN)

Originally founded by The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in 2014, the WFN is now an ever-growing community of experts who work to advance source water protection around the world, as well as other individuals interested in learning about the strategy, process, and benefits of protecting and restoring watersheds.

The goal is to build a global network of water fund practitioners and other interested professionals who are empowered to succeed in their roles through knowledge exchanges, increased collaboration with other members, and the joint identification of solutions to challenges related to the scoping, designing, and operation of water funds.

Membership sign-up is easy, and once you join you will immediately have access to all the features of the WF Network including: Webinars • Discussion boards • News • Recognition programs • Member awards • Competitions & prizes • Peer learning & review • Collaboration opportunities • Mentorship • and more!

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WFN Webinars completed

Recent or upcoming WFN Webinars

JANUARY 2021 — “Identifying where NbS can work and at what cost: European water security and global experiences”

  • Topic :A special issue WFN Webinar to present (1) overall findings and recommendations from the report “Resilient European Cities: Nature-based Solutions for Clean Water”; and (2) results from the recent collective-action PWS program cost analysis, including how lessons learned can be applied to current and future Water Funds.

FEBRUARY/MARCH 2021 — “Mature Water Funds”

  • Topic: Looking to discuss what a “Mature” water fund really means, and how to get there from the operational phase. Real examples will also be presented including cases where the Water Fund has become self-sufficient and the founding organization.

MARCH/APRIL 2021 — “Economic Guidance & Decision Support Systems”

  • Topic: Present on the release of the economic guidance for water funds and decision support systems. “What does operations look like”.

APRIL/MAY 2021 — “Water Fund Science & Tools ”

  • Topic: Present on the latest developments with a range of science tools — covering such topics as Water Funds App for Decision Makers, New Groundwater Tools and possibly remote sensing.

Other WFN Webinars Topics for 2021

  • “Regional variations in scaling the Water Fund model”
  • “Engaging policy makers and other Water Fund enablers”
  • “Water Funds & Climate Change”
  • “Groundwater & Water Funds”
  • A topic of your choosing — suggest one! (email
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Additional Resources:

WFN Manager Emily Simmons (left) presents a recognition award plaque to Carolina Patricia Polania Silgado (right) for her strong leadership in the Network through contributions in supporting Water Funds and watershed investments on the ground in Colombia, and for her successful engagement of local communities in watershed work. Photo taken by Froylan Hernandez-Ruiz on July 17th, 2019 at the Water Funds Network (WFN) side event in Mexico City.

Positive WFN feedback from 2019 annual member survey:

“The Water Funds Network has been a perfect learning platform on how to improve Water Fund activities; learning the lessons from other Water Funds.”

“I have loved the 2 years I have known the water fund network.”

“ I think the Water Funds Network is a very good example for other strategies!”

“The WFN is very useful for me and my work.”



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