The story of Quito — the first ‘Water Fund’

FONAG — the first official ‘Water Fund’ — Quito, Ecuador

Why the focus on source water protection?

Example of Ecuadorian Paramo — high altitude Andean grasslands © Wikimedia

What does FONAG do to protect the water source?

Activities under FONAG’s current workplan. Source: FONAG (2019)

How does FONAG fund this scope of work?

Who participates in the Water Fund and how?

How is FONAG structured?

Source: FONAG (2019)

How does FONAG measure success on interventions — and how does this relate to Water Funds more broadly?

Source: FONAG (2019)

Who bears the risk of investing in NbS — in Quito, but also elsewhere?

“In Newark we could only really do wetland ponds and flood mitigation, and downtown land is very expensive. It is more efficient to look upstream, it adds more tools to our toolbox.” — Tom Coleman, Newark City Manager. Source: Conservation Finance Network (2019).

Takeaways from FONAG’s experience

References and further reading



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